company history

Back in 2005, ryandavid Photography entered the Manitoba market focused (bad pun!) on providing a photography alternative for local schools. With a number of different community clubs on-board for team photos that year, the company earned its first two school clients in 2006. And then, the snowball started to roll.

In 2011, ryandavid Photography became rd PhotoCorp. This change was cosmetic in nature, but also marked a "growth spurt" as many more schools continued to come on-board. Snowball rolling faster!

In 2012, rd PhotoCorp "headquartered" operations in downtown Winnipeg. In the heart of the Exchange District, the company now operates studio and production services all under one roof. The extra elbow room has been very helpful.

the future

The company will continue to pursue different. Different from our competitors, even different from some of what we used to do. rd PhotoCorp is always tweaking, experimenting and testing new products and services to improve the school picture experience.