Looking Ahead in 2021

Difficult times for many of us in many different ways since March 2020. Let's stay healthy with continued diligence as we navigate the year!

2021 continues with the same preventative measures and protocols that were part of last season's photography services. Though our office is closed to the public for the remainder of the school season, we are still "business as not-quite-usual, but more-or-less the same" as we continue to provide school photography services around the province.

COVID Measures

Physical distancing has always been a thing since we began in 2005. Even though cameras have changed a lot in 16 years, our photographers still stand behind them, so we are always 2 meters from our subjects.

Posing instructions have always been directed with a friendly smile and few words. But - you won't see our mouths and expressions beneath the masks this season, so continue to mime our movements when we need that dreaded head tilt or even worse, a straight back.

In-school COVID protocols and space allocation may require us to reduce the number or modify the type of student poses this season.

We will continue to maintain 2019 print pricing and print options this school season. Supply costs have increased and some products have been discontinued, but we'll figure it all out...