minimal classroom disruption

School picture days can be full of a little extra hustle and bustle. Our services minimize logistics and disruption before, during, and after the photo sessions. What this essentially means is that we work a little harder to make it a lot easier for everyone involved.

Regardless of student population, our photographers are finished by lunch so you can continue with your school day, free of interruption.

the proof system

Old hat now, but we knew this in the beginning back in 2005. Parents and students should not have to pre-pay for school pictures. We also don't think that it should take weeks or months after picture day to receive photo orders.

Our next-day proof system ensures that proofs and order forms are back to the school the day after pictures were taken. We also return photo packages to schools about two weeks or so from the time we collect the orders.

New for 2012 - School pictures can be ordered quickly, easily and securely online!